In the words of my colleague: "At least he doesn't get the nuclear codes until January..."

These words do not comfort me. 

2016 has been a year of madness. First the UK votes for Brexit and now this. A sexist, racist, tax evader becomes president of the United States.

And what's worse, the democratic party is to blame. They were under the impression that logic could trump (pardon the pun) lunacy. Clearly they weren't paying close enough attention to Brexit. They prioritised stopping Bernie getting power rather than Trump.

We are clearly at a turning point in society, people are fed up and they are willing to chance their children's future to see real change, as they figure: "well things can't possibly get any worse than they already are so why not vote in a guy who sexually assaults women and wants to exile an entire religion."

God only knows what will happen in 2017...