Building your career as a professional is becoming more and more complicated.

There are more steps to take if you want to progress to the top of a firm.

The shapes, sizes and structures of professional firms are becoming more and more diverse.

At the moment there is nothing there to help you:

  • Decide what you really want out of your career;
  • Understand how you go about getting what you want;
  • And then guide and support you through the process.

We want to put programmes in place to do exactly that.

Outside the very large firms, there is little or no training and development in the areas of your role outside your technical skills.

Even in the large firms the training they provide is aimed at meeting the needs of the firm as opposed to your needs.

Our first programme starts in November 2016 and is focussed on young professionals who are moving from being pure fee earners to take on more responsibility or want to develop their understanding of how they can add more value, how their organisation works and how they can progress within it.

The 6 areas that the programme will cover include:

  • Personal Impact and Brand
  • Commercial Awareness
  • People and Teams
  • Becoming a Business Advisor
  • Marketing and Business Development 
  • Culture, Change, Power and Politics

If you want to develop your career and are interested to find out more we want to hear from you. Contact to make the most out of your career.